Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lines and wrinkles ...

A friend explained to me about carbon laser peel and how she's tempted to sign up a package to get herself wrinkle free.

She seemed serious about it and I laughed off hearing the price tag it'll come with just by having the face plastered in carbon before peeling it off like art work. Indeed art costs more these days.

The conversation started when she mentioned she should try to stop laughing cause it lands lines on her face. I remember her saying she should even stop smiling so as to hide those lines.

What has this world come to?

I summarise below -

A life of laughter brings wrinkles to a face
Similarly a life of worries ........

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Every once in awhile we hear rantings from friends and relatives. It's all about life's misfortunes and how the cast of life has been assigned with a spin of injustice.

Tonight I heard a story of how siblings squabble over a father's illness and how life gets rough and tough.

It has always been a fear of mine that such will hit my home in a matter of years.

I'm close to my brothers but unsure if I'm really close to my family to be able to ride through strong and rough waves over stumbling obstacles and challenges.

Every family has their own baggage and many left unsaid and unclaimed that we never know what really lies inside them.

The next time we think others lead a happy life ... Perhaps not.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wretched ....

I've lost it all
Whether big or small
All these times I've thought
That I'll win them all

It's time I take the fall
Never has it been my call
Every night I'll stay awake
Knowing it's my life at stake

There were tears and fears
A state of mind unclear
The pain slowly crept
The grieving body wept

Now I'm making my climb
These steps taking me closer to the end of my time
As life's moments flash me by
A prayer I'll say to bid the world goodbye

Standing over the ledge
To the world below I pledge
If I'll ever survive this plunge
God's gracing me with a life's refund 

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Every smile a struggle 
Loosen muscles, wrinkles, sunken face

Every move a pain 
Hardened joints, swells, awkward limps  

Time slithers every cell withers
Her life's been one hell of a resister

Falling in her fifties
Cracking the cap out of the left knee 

She'd married two men separately
Both dead by the time she turned  seventy

Now trying to breath her life to a century 
No one's sure if it'll all end up a merry


Wednesday, February 07, 2018


The mind in chaos an internal conversation
Bringing unrest and thoughts of confliction

Razor sharp knives stabbing in aggression
The pain's inability to release the wounds affliction 

Escaping from reality, circles and rounds
Gagged and confused I am bound

Voiceless to scream i build a wall
Struggle amounts i begin my fall

Wrecked, broken the soul's combatant
Breaking out of hell ensuring existence

Conjuring strength out of hatch
Fighting vigor match for match

Rising above the sadness
I'll live yet another day of madness

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Random Thoughts ...

Sleep tight my dear as all things you fear will not stay long here
as long as I am around there is nothing for you to frown
cause you'll know that nothing will ever take you down

Just remember those younger days your once little steps and often soundless claps
from the many falls, several knocks to the head with some on the legs
cuts on the elbows, blood on the face

As you take shape molded with stronger arms, bigger feet
Swifter movements, broader shoulders and better understanding of what makes the world
Forgetting memories of childhood failures and setbacks

Sleep tight my dear as all things you fear will not stay long here
as long as I am around there is nothing for you to frown
cause you'll know that nothing will ever take you down

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Nation's Golden Jubilee

It was a long weekend every Singaporean looked forward to as the nation celebrates her 50th National Day. As usual, important milestones are celebrated with my best friend and the 'family'.

The first parade without the founding father Lee Kuan Yew as his passing away earlier in the year resulted in him not being able to witness the celebrations the nation was preparing for since a year ago.

It was an emotional night for me as the family squeezed in with the crowd at the Promontory Bay in hopes to catch the fireworks and aerial display.

Father and son sang the national anthem and national songs loudly - something I enjoyed really much especially into the chorus of Kit Chan's Home which caused my eyes to well up with tears.

We managed to witness the sparkles which ignited the skies and with Luca on my shoulders covering his ears in fear of the booms each time a flare hits the sky.

As I explained to Luca that the likelihood of me attending the Centenary / Platinum Jubilee will be very low thus I enjoyed the moment we both looked up into the sky and watching the firework displays hoping it'll be locked into our memories for the longest time.

He understood and said I'll be his child's grandfather by then. Hopefully I'll get to see that day come.

Now that the long weekend is over, I have to drag my feet to work tomorrow and counting down to the next public holiday.

Happy birthday Singapore .... And thank you LKY for what he has helped us built in his life time.

We must carry on his fight and see Singapore progress even further ....